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PersianPaintings.com is the largest Persian art site on the internet, offering the most comprehensive Indices and Exhibition Calendars and is among the most read art publications about Iranian art on the internet.

PersianPaintings.com has a world wide readers. This activity brings Iranian to your message in a way that no other online publication can match.

Links to Your Home Page

Our most reasonable way to advertise. If you already have a home page,
and want the additional prospects
PersianPaintings.com readers will give
you, consider purchasing a link to your home page. We will provide a
link to your site on the sponsorship page and links to your site for
each artist you list (that is not already listed by another sponsor) on
the artist cross-index page. Your annual costs are:

* $75 for a link to your home page on the sponsorship page, and
* $15 for a link to your site for each listed artist (if you purchase a
link to your home page) on the artist cross-index page

Please send your check to:

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Expanded-Page Display Ads

For galleries, artists and collectors who wish to advertise
representational Persian art (6) with a large-scale ad, we have a
popular option for you. You may advertise in the Art Sellers Page,
accessed from
PersianPaintings.com's table of contents

An extended-page ad contains:

* up to five thumbnails and five blow-up pictures of inventory for sale;
additional images may be added at a nominal cost.
* list of gallery artists or art wanted or art available for sale
* the artist's, seller's or gallery's logo, name, street address, email
address, link to a home page, phone number
* gallery statement of focus, artist's statement or other text
* links from the artist cross reference page for up to five artists to the
ad page
* link to the artist cross-index page
* link to the sponsorship page
* links to other key sections of
PersianPaintings.com as as shown below on this page

The cost is reasonable:

* $75 for a year

To see a sample ad please click here.

(1) thumbnails are jpegs up to 99 pixels wide, blow-ups are jpegs up to
640 pixels wide for horizontally oriented pictures and up to 480 pixels
wide for vertically oriented pictures. Clicking on a thumbnail image
links to the blow-up of the thumbnail. We can scan from slides,
catalogs, photos or transparencies, which will be returned if a SASE is

(2) text must be on text form on disk.

(3) advertisements are cross-indexed and linked by artist's name; there
is also a sponsorship index linking to the advertisement.

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Banner Ads

Please contact PersianPaintings.com regarding sponsoring an index page, main page or other pages of PersianPaintings.com
You may see examples of currently-running banner ads in several sections
of the site. Banner ads are available in many sizes and shapes, please send an e-mail for price lists.

Quality Custom Editions of Persian art on canvas, from traditional art to contemporary Iranian artists, will be available for purchase through our representatives or galleries worldwide.


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