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ASAR GALLERIES OF ART/ ( former known as SULLIVAN GALLERY Teheran Established 1969) provides Persian art-related services, including:

Artist Exhibitions Online, introducing contemporary Iranian artists, as well as touring exhibitions of renowned Persian art galleries.

A resource for Persian representational arts, Historical and Iranian Culture, ancient and contemporary Iranian arts.

Artist Representation to galleries and collectors, offering private treaty sales of original paintings or limited editions.

Persian Web Resources, providing news, feature articles and other informative material on Iranian art and culture.

Publishing Customized Canvas Art Reproduction on Demand, from traditional Persian art works to contemporary artists, offering custom digital painting from digital files.

ASAR GALLERY OF ART/ actively supports Iranian artists, galleries, museums and art organizations throughout the world.

We are looking to work with Iranian artists,
photographers, collectors, galleries and museums around the world and publish their art works online by agreements.
Some of the works in our collection are from contemporary artists and are not for sale at this time.
If you have any articles regarding Iranian art and culture that you would like to see published, please contact us.
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Iranian Art Resources

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ASAR GALLERY OF ART/ has a growing monthly readership worldwide. It is the first and largest online publication devoted to Persian representational art. We look forward to publishing your artist biographies, interviews and feature articles about Iranian art and culture. Become a member and sponsor:

We make every reasonable attempt to keep our information as accurate as
possible, but unintentional errors and changes may occur. Information is
subject to change without notice. We do not assume responsibility for
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strongly suggest that you verify all information including times, costs and
availability with the museums, or other service providers, featured.

ASAR GALLERY OF ART/ is not influenced by paid
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ASAR GALLERY OF ART/ favors articles and calendar listings for institutional exhibitions, and publishes some artist biographies from private sources and gallery exhibitions.

Art images are stored and published as limited pixel width and height,
high-compression, jpeg images to speed download times and to protect image sources from illicit high-quality paper-printing. Copyrights for contemporary art belong to the artists. We will pay the necessary royalties, for art reproductions by demand.

Persian Paintings Digitograph Galleries

A Large Selection of Qajar Paintings Original and Duplicate on Oil Canvas Digitograph
  • "Iran Architectural Monuments" of collectable drawings from Islamic periods.
  • More Pictures of IslamicArchitecture
  • Babur Miniatures-XVI-th Century
  • Royal Persian Painting,
  • Qajar safavid period
  • Master of Persian Miniatue / Hossien Behzad
  • Active Registered Artists
  • Persian Miniature Artists
  • Persian Paintings Digitograph Galleries
  • 5 Centuries of Art Collection



    Quality custom editions of Persian art on canvas, from traditional art to contemporary Iranian artists, Original Paintings, will be available for purchase through our representatives or galleries worldwide.

    For more information
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    Asar Gallery of art.