Esmail Asgary 1960 born in Bijar





Esmaeil Askari
1960 Born in Bijar Garrous , Iran. 18 years of teaching experience and education in visual arts

- winner of award from the contemporary Arts Museum

- participation in 50 art exhibition in Germany , Kuwait , Syria , Saudia Arabia ,
- Formulation of International Standard of Sketching and painting organization ,
Ministry of labor and Social Affairs
- Authoring of the Iranian Association of Visual Arts

- Holder of official Licence for painting.

Embossed painting is a combination of painting and sculpturing . The material is made with several ingredients with certan proportons , and may be applied to wood , canvas , wall and fabrics . The substance is washable and resistant against cold , heat and sunshine . It can be used in all artistic styles Another type of this past may be baked like titles and be used on buldings of offices , hotels , and open air .







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