Originals & Recreation of Persian Arts


We just need a transparency, 8x10 photo or a digital file from the Original Art. These are your options:

Option 1

You can search for your favorite artist from museums, simply borrow or purchase a 8" x10" transparency or photograph of your art for one-time use. Ship this to our production department for the creation of an oil-based canvas Digitograph™ reproductions.

Option 2

You may also be able to locate transparencies or photographs through stock photographers, private collectors, galleries, individual artists or other outside sources.

Option 3

E-mail us with information on the piece you are loking for. We may be able to find it for you through other collectors or our online Galleries:

  • Persian Miniature Artists
  • Qajar Art, Royal Persian Painting
  • "Islamic Architectural Monuments" of collectable drawings from the Islamic periods
  • More Pictures of IslamicArchitecture
  • Babur Miniatures-XVI-th Century
  • Royal Persian Painting,
  • Qajar safavid period
  • Active Registered Artists
  • Persian Miniature Artists
  • Contemporay Persian Paintings
  • 5 Centuries of Art Collection
  • Persian Architectural Monuments _

    We usually purchase transparencies from museums, collectors or artists by paying them a royalty for publishing.

    Option 4

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    Museum Masterpieces:

    Artpublishing.com provides a global resource for quality custom art editions from the masters. Our Five Centuries of Art™ Collection currently lists some 20,000 artists and over 100,000 pieces that are available in Canvas Art Transfer Linograph™ or Custom Canvas Digitograph™ editions, by demand, from an original transparency. You may access part of our Five Centuries Of Art™ Collection by artist's name and period.

    Through our online Digitograph™ Galleries, ArtPublishing.com markets contemporary original art work, fine art photographs and digital art at no cost to the artists.
    If you cannot find your favorite artist or work, please let us know. We may be able to help locate particular works for you, by virtue of our network partners at Digitograph Galleries
    Based on your request, we will contact the specific artist, collector, stock photographer, gallery or museum housing your favorite piece, anywhere in the world. We will pay the necessary royalty fees to receive approval for the reproduction of your Custom Master Edition Digitograf™.


    We can produce a high quality custom canvas Digitograf for you, from our collection or those of our member museums and galleries, in any size you choose! We usually purchase transparencies from museums, collectors or artists by paying them a royalty for publishing.


    All pictures are reproduced as a "Limited Edition", (on demand), from 12"X16" up to 30"X40" (100 X 70 cm) on a fine grade of artistic canvas or watercolor paper.


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    Quality custom editions of Persian art on canvas, from traditional art to contemporary Iranian artists, Original Paintings, will be available for purchase through our representatives or galleries worldwide.

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