A note to Iranian artists:
Our goal is to help artists, collectors and galleries achieve optimal sales on original or limited editions of Persian art . We encourage clients to engage in personal dialogue and establish formal relationships with galleries. We believe that galleries can better sell clients' work when they become familiar with the artist as an individual. In addition, this method of commercial transaction is less expensive than self-marketing.

Asar Gallery of Art is compensated by artist-clients after they are paid for sold works.

Are you a full-time, established artist who would like exposure through world wide web art presentations and publishing companies?

We represent Iranian artists from around the world. We market their art to galleries, individuals and museum in the from our location in California.

We match our artist-clients with appropriate retail outlets to present the portfolios of the artist-clients to directors of galleries and other venues, to gain agreeable terms for the art to be exhibited and increase artists' sales, expanding artists' market coverage in balance with sales and production.


If you are an artist interested in representation, we initially ask for:
Retail gallery price lists (assume 50/50 gallery split with artist paying shipping costs one way).
Information on your productivity, inventory level and credit-worthiness - remember that we will be relying on you to pay us for our services.
Your bio, including sources of training, awards, a list of galleries where your art is currently sold, copies of magazine articles featuring your work, 10-20 quality snapshot-size photos of your representational work (no abstract art please).

Please do not send any materials to us unless you provide ALL of the information listed above - we only work with established, professional, full time artists.

Mail your package to:
Asar Gallery of Art

When we become your representative, we then ask for:
A professional portfolio, in three-ring binder or similar format, with 5x7 or 8x10 glossy photos, retail price sheet including all of your costs, e.g., shipping, transit, insurance, framing (if work is framed) and our agent fee (sheet included in the portfolio under plastic sheet protector), hand-out slides, photos, brochures if available (we don't lend out the portfolio for an extended time), copies of published advertisements, articles and announcements (copies included in the portfolio under plastic sheet protectors).


Please contact us for our exhibit registration agreement.




Quality Customized Edition of Persian art on Canvas, from traditional art to contemporary Iranian artists, will be available for purchase through our representatives or galleries worldwide.

Persian Paintings Digitograph Galleries






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Quality custom editions of Persian art on canvas, from traditional art to contemporary Iranian artists, Original Paintings, will be available for purchase through our representatives or galleries worldwide.

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Asar Gallery of art.