Was born in 1308 A.H., and after completing his primary education at the School of Fine Arts of Isfahan, studied traditional Persian art under the mentorship of masters such as Rostam Shirazi, Issa Bahadori and Haji Mirza Agha Imami.
Farshchian began his work in Teheran, creating stunning works that still decorate museum and gallery walls throughout Iran and Europe. In his life's work, he has fully approached the depth and value of gnostic matters and presented them in their effects very well. His paintings achieve an interior purity and pleasantness through mortification and gilding.
Over the span of his career, Farshchian strived to achieve a truth and faithfulness to the real world outside of art's abstraction, traveling to Europe in order to work and study at the great museums of the West. There he studied techniques for achieving greater form and color, and upon his return from Europe Farshchian's work reflected a new dimension of complexity in form. He presented his effects with delineation and simple and light colors (sometimes nothing more than black and white). At times his effects resembled the work of Reza Abbas.

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