Shahla Homayouni1957 born in Bandar Anzali



Shahla Homayouni, Born in Bandar Anzali - 1957
I was born in Bandar Anzali . My field of study in university was Arts ( Interior Decoration ) . I learnt painting under the instruction of Mr. Javadipour . I have cooperated with Mr. Shakiba for 7 years and managed Nahavandi Gallery for 2 years . I have lectured and instructed extracucted extracurricular painting courses in Azad University for 2 years . I am mostly active in portrait and Iranian scenery . I am very much interested in nature . I have tired to utilize my educational elements in my works and I have displayed them in more than 30 exhibitions both inside the country and abroad . At present , I am runing Homayouni Gallery to serve the country and the artists .
Participation in Exhibition in China - 1999
Participation in Exhibition in United States , Chicago - 1999
Participation in the 4th Artist Women`s Exhibition in Stockholm , Sweden- 1997
Participation in the Art Exhibition in Beijing , China , as a Member of the Group of the Iranian Artists - 1997
Participation in the 4th Exports Exhibition in the Permanent International Fair Ground of the Tehran - 1997
participation in the Art Exhibition held by the Municipality of Tehran , for the Benefit of the Thalassemial patients - 1996 Participation in the Series of the Art Exhibition named `` Manifestation of sentiments Art Exhibition `` held in the Museum of contemporary Arts , 1994 , 1995 , 1996
Participation in the 3rd Exports Exhibition in the permanent International Ground of Tehran - 1995
Participation in the Biennial Art Exhibition , held in the Museum of contemporary Arts - 1995
Participation in the Art Exhibition , held in Niavaran Art Center - 1994
Participation in the Art Exhibition , held for the benefit of Earthquake stricken people of the Northern Areas of the Country - 1990
Participation in the Art Exhibition , held in Azadi Arts Complex of the Tehran - 1991
participation in Golrizan Art Exhibition,held for the Benefit of Hemophiliac patiants - 1996
Seyhoon Gallery - 1995
Naghsh Jahan Gallery - 1996
Sabz Gallery - 1997
Banafsheh Gallery - 1998


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