Behnam Jalali Jafari was born in 1330 A.H. in Teheran. After completion his guidance (secondary) school studies at the School of Fine Arts of Teheran, he departed for England and completed his Bachelor's Degree in Textile Design and Printing. In 1359 A.H., Jalali Jafari returned to Iran and, after some time spent studying the history of Iranian art, he went to France to continue his studies and entered the University of Paris to study in the fields of Fine Arts, Philosophy and Art Aesthetics. In Paris, he completed his Doctorate and later joined both the Young Painters Association of Paris and the Center for International Beauty Arts.The latter had participated in the establishment of exhibitions at the Museum of Maximillian in 1985, the Independent Artist's Saloon of Grand Paleh in 1986 and the French Young Artist's Saloon in 1988. In Iran, Jalali Jafari went on to exhibit his works at the Novin Art Studio (Isfahan 1373 A.H.), the Classic Art Studio (Isfahan, 1374 A.H.) and the Contemporary Arts of Second Binal, where an award of appreciation was conferred upon him.

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