Ostad Ali Karimi was born in 1292 A.H. in Teheran, the eldest of three children. After the completion of primary school, Karimi's father placed him under the tutelage of the renowned Ostad Hossein Behzad. Later, another of Karimi's instructors and a respected family friend, Ostad Ashtiani, recommended Karimi for acceptance into the Teheran School of Fine Arts. There, he studied miniature painting under the School's renowned faculty members Hadi Tajvidi and Ali Doroudi. At the age of 22, Karimi completed his studies and was eventually awarded a professorship, gaining promotion to Director of the School five years later. Karimi has presented exhibitions of his work both within and outside of Iran, including shows in the great galleries of Brussels, Edinborough, Frankfurt, Istanbul, London, New Delhi and Paris. He has obtained various awards of recognition and art prizes throughout his career, including nearly a dozen competitive medals.

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