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Abbas Katouzian was born in 1302 A.H. in Teheran. From childhood to his young adult life, Katouzian has studied art history and technique and honed the skills of his craft.
Gaining widespread renown in his later career, Katouzian established 26 exhibitions in Teheran and 9 exhibitions in Abadan. In 1352 A.H, Katouzian paid homage to his late mentor and dear friend Ostad Kamalolmolk at the National Council Assembly, a moment of great pride and honor for the artist.
Among Katouzian's other accomplishments were featured exhibitions at five galleries in the United States and one in London (at the National Library). These were proceeded by numerous television and radio interviews, as Katouzian's work gained widespread attention. Katouzian's recent exhibitions in France were featured in three issues of Image Du Mend magazine. One of his pieces is now on display at the European Royal Museum.
Throughout his career, Katouzian has demonstrated both artistic talent and personal integrity and humility, paying homage to his late instructors Kamalolmolk, Ostad Mahmoud Olia and Ostad Hossein Khan Shaikh.
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