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Morteza Katouzian was born in 1322 A.H. into a middle-class Teheran family. Tragically, Katouzian lost his father at the age of seven, leaving him in the care of his mother and elder brother, at the time a second-year law student. With no formal training, special tools or encouragement outside of the constant support of his family, Katouzian passed his free time sketching and painting, slowly honing his talent in solitude.
"When I took my paintings to school, the instructors would refuse to believe they were my original works," Katouzian joked recently. In 1341 A.H., he began work at a local painting workshop, eventually emerging as one of the unique talents in the contemporary school of Iranian art. Discussing the role of the artist in the modern world, Katouzian remarks, "I could never stop painting; my heart is like a mirror, reflecting the reality of the surrounding world."
Quality custom editions of Persian art on canvas, from traditional art to contemporary Iranian artists, Original Paintings, will be available for purchase through our representatives or galleries worldwide.

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