Hossein Khalifeh Zadeh was born in 1353 A.H. in Isfahan, and began designing very early in his youth. He entered the Isfahan School of the Arts in 1368 A.H. and busied himself with an apprenticeship under the masters of this ancient school. At a mere 18 years of age, Khalifeh Zadeh completed three notable works for the Isfahan School: Retaliation, The Messenger and It Could Not Be Found. After graduation, he entered the Islamic Azad University in 1372, completing his education and going on to solidify his reputation in art circles.
Khalifeh Zadeh works with a variety of art media, including oil-based colors, and has produced many well-known miniatures inspired by gnostic concepts. He believes that the aesthetic and emotive effects of art are unique for each individual, and that art "must carry a particular message within its content."

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