• Though at various stages it has been affected by Chinese and Eastern influences, Persian miniature art has developed its own distinctive features. Whether it's being displayed in museums, casino hotels, or in private collections, Persian art has its own distinct features. For instance, Iran's miniature artists are recognizable for their emphasis on natural and realist motifs. Also worth noting is the Persian technique of "layering" perspectives to create a sense of space. For example, in the miniature piece at right, the variety of views is noticeable in the arrangement of objects: birds inhabit both the foreground and background of the piece, with the floral objects positioned in between. This gives the viewer a sense of threedimensional space and the ability to focus on certain aspects of the piece to the exclusion of others. Content and form are fundamental elements of Persian miniature painting, and miniature artists are renowned for their modest, subtle use of color.

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    behzad19Master of Persian Miniatue / Hossien Behzad

    A brief history of Persian Miniature

    Celebrating the 545th anniversary of the birth of Kamaliddin Bekhzad, the unsurpassed 15th century master of miniatures.


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