Ostad Hossein Mosaverolmolki was born in Isfahan in 1268 A.H., into a long tradition of creative genius: his father, Mohammad Hossein Naghash, paternal grandfather, Zain-Alabedin Naghash, and ancestor, Mohammad Karim Naghash. Only thirteen years of age when his father died, Ostad Mosaverolmolki was forced to undertake the management of the family painting workshop at an age when most artists have yet to emerge from apprenticeships.
Skilled in the painting of landscapes, natural scenery and the land and people of his native country, Ostad Mosaverolmolki's work cuts across style and genre boundaries. Some of his most important and renowned pieces are the portraits of Ali Ghapour, Persepolis, a World War II combat piece, and the piece Majnoon and Shaikh Sanan, a unique cultural work. Several of the Ostad's portrait pieces are currently on display in national museums and private galleries throughout Iran.

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