Ostad Motie was born to an educated and learned family in Teheran, 1295 A.H. Browsing the illustrated books of the classic Shahnameh in his father's extensive library, Motie gained an appreciation of fine art at an early age, as well as was a strong motivation for entering the artistic tradition himself. In particular, it was his love of Persian miniatures that led Motie to enter the School of Fine Arts and study miniature painting under Ostad Hadi Tajvidi. Later, Motie also took on an apprenticeship under the famed Ostad Ali Doroudi in the field of illumination. By virtue of Ostad Motie's diligence and natural talent in the arts, he completed his education under Ostads Tajvidi and Doroudi in 1319 A.H., going on to prominence throughout Iran. Motie's unique style is most closely inspired by the artists of the Herat School, whose tradition he carries on in his life's work.

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