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Lake Forest, California FEBRUARY 10, 2002 - Centuries ago, Persia was blessed with an amazingly rich,cultural heritage and a civilization that had been lost for many years. 7000 years of Persian Art and Historical Monuments are displayed with high quality images at " " for those interested in discovering the original roots of Iran's true art and culture. Features thousands of Persian paintings, miniatures, calligraphy, and architectural drawings from various historical periods, styles, contemporary artists, and photographers.
Most of the art is available on Canvas using the
award-winning Digitograf™ printing method in various sizes. All pictures are reproduced as a "Limited Edition", (on demand), proportionally from 11x14" up to 36"X48" (100 X120cm) on a fine grade of artistic canvas or watercolor paper.

Asar Galleries Of Art was formed in early 1969 in Teheran "SULLIVAN GALLERY". It developed more than 148 Exhibitions from Iranian Fine Art and Museum masters as well as publishing and creating new canvas printing techniques "Repligraph®" for art reproductions. From the Sullivan Gallery Tehran and on-going activities, it was re -etablished in California by founder Mohammad T. Siahatgar.

Asar Galleries Of Artprovides Persian art-related services, including: Artist Exhibitions Online, introducing contemporary Iranian artists, as well as touring exhibitions of renowned Persian art galleries.

A resource for:
1- Persian representational art, Historical and Iranian Culture, ancient and contemporary Iranian art.
2- Architectural monuments, Artist Representation to galleries and collectors, offering private treaty sales of original paintings or limited editions.
3- Persian Web Resources, providing news, feature articles and other informative material on Iranian art and culture.
4- Publishing Customized Canvas Art Reproduction on Demand, from traditional Persian art work to contemporary artists, offering custom digital painting from digital files.
Asar Galleries Of Art/ actively supports Iranian artists, galleries, museums and art organizations throughout the world.
6- Our goal is to help Iranian artists, collectors and galleries achieve optimal sales on original or limited editions of Persian art .
7- We represent Iranian artists from around the world. We market their art to galleries, individuals and museums from our locations in California, Dubia, London and Tehran

Asar Galleries Of Art's Web site: which recently received a number of awards, is engaging record numbers of visitors on the Internet through online exhibitions, learning tools and exclusive printing process, Oil Canvas Digitograph Paintings "Publishing of Art on demand".

While our main Gallery building is being renovated, we truly are an 'online persian art gallery,' " said Siahatgar, the California Director of the Asar Galleries Of Art" We want Persian art lovers from all over the world to be able to visit, enjoy, learn with pride and order their favorite Persian art, Originals or high quality persian art reproductions for any interior design, collection and have a captivating experience using advanced technology to make their online visit exciting and enriching."

While the Asar Galleries Of Art's Web site: undergoes renovation, many exhibitions and 6,000 objects in our collection are available for viewing and purchase Reproductions or Original from contemporary Iranian artists anytime.

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