Ostad Mohammad Tajvidi was born in 1303 A.H. His father, Ostad Hadi Tajvidi, one of the greatest artistic talents to emerge from Iran, had become disillusioned with the alienating effects of art on modern life, and attempted to discourage his son from pursuing an artist's life. However, after the death of his father, Mohammad entered into the study of art as the realization of his secret life ambition.
After completing his studies at the School of National Arts, Ostad Tajvidi took the position of assistant professor at the school. He was promoted to a senior professorship in 1336 A.H. and continued teaching until 1342.
As he began to achieve prominence in his own name, Ostad Tajvidi
produced numerous exhibitions of his work at museums and galleries around the world, including Austria, Belgium, England, France, the Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland and the United States.
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