Quoted from the Ostad himself:
"I was born in 1299 A.H. in the Valian suburbs outside Teheran. I completed my secondary studies at the Modern Fine Arts College of Teheran. Outside of college, my experiences learning from mentors taught me to appreciate the informal guidance and advice of experienced artists as much as the formal strictures of education. I believe that I benefited greatly from my apprenticeships and experiences with the practical dimension of painting.
"I devoted about sixty years of my life, beginning at the age of 15, to the cause of creating and advancing Persian art. I have completed more than 10,000 portraits in my career, working throughout the world (including France, India, Iraq, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, the United States and United Arab Emirates). In addition to portraits, I have also completed extensive natural, landscape and other representational works. As a result, my work has appeared in numerous magazines and newspapers.
"In my life and work, I am greatly indebted to the revered Ostad Molana Shamseddin. I was honored to illustrate Ostad Shamseddin's great collection book, taking the Ostad's brilliant work into account in my own."

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