Mehranguiz Yassemi born in Tabriz






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Principal shows

List... Exhibitions:
1972: Seyhoun Gallery , Tehran .
1973: Sullivan Gallery , Tehran .
1974: in women association , Tehran .
1975: International Exhibition , Tehran .
1976: Sullivan Gallery , and Anaspect of Iranian contemporary Art Tehran .

Most important awards

Prize :
1979 Golden Medal ((Accademia Italia)) .
1980 Diploma of Merit ((Universita Delle Arti)) .
1981 Diploma ((Master of Painting Honoris Causa))
for international seminarof modern and contemporary Art)) .
1982 Golden Medal Centaur from Italy .
1983 Golden Medal : international Parliament U.S.A.

Catalogs and critics

Dictionary of Contemporary E uropean Artist .

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Yassami Aliakbar

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